Separation and Divorce - Shanahans Law
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Separation and Divorce

A New Beginning

Divorce and Separation Lawyers in Auckland

If your marriage, civil union or de facto relationship has ended, we can help with a separation agreement, a separation order or splitting shared property. Ending a relationship can be tough on both parties,  emotionally, practically and financially. We will guide you through the separation and divorce process and help find a solution that lets you get on with your life as soon as possible.

Get on with your life as soon as possible.

There are three steps to getting divorced which are:

  1. Separation – you need to be separated for at least 2 years before you can get divorced
  2. Care of children – you’ll need to agree on how to care for your children
  3. Divorce – you can apply to the family court for a dissolution order once the 2 years have passed.


It’s a good idea to make a separation agreement when you separate as this can help prove how long you have been separated for. You can live together for up to 3 months if you are still trying to make things work.




A separation agreement tracks the date when you initiated the separation. In the event one of you doesn’t want to separate, you will need to apply for a separation order. If you want to separate but your partner does not, you need to file an application with the Family Court and we can help you with this. Your partner can choose to defend the application or not. In the event where they choose to defend it, both parties have to attend Family Court where the application will be reviewed by a judge. We can provide legal assistance and guide you through this process.




After the two year separation period has passed, you can finalise your divorce. We can submit the correct paperwork to the family court on your behalf. The family court will then provide papers for your ex-partner to sign. We can help you navigate through this process and provide the legal input you need. We aim to treat all parties with respect and make things easy as possible.


Relationship Property


When it comes time to finalise your divorce, we can help with the division of relationship property. Relationship property covers things of financial value that you gained during the relationship. This can include:

  • A house and the contents or buildings and vehicles
  • Any property gained when you were in the relationship
  • Property you both agree is relationship property
  • Increases in the value of relationship property and income from the sale of it
  • Income earned during the relationship, superannuation, insurance payouts, and rent
  • Non-personal debts
  • Gifts and inheritances that have become part of relationship property.
Get help from us and get on with your life asap.