Do I Need Trust?

A trust is a way of legally protecting some or all of your assets, for yourself, your family, or other people. We can help you set up and put different assets into your trust, including your family home. 

We’ve got years of experience in providing assistance and support for clients wanting family trusts. Forming a trust is an important decision with on-going ramifications so we’ll help you determine whether you need one, then make sure it is established correctly and managed in accordance with the new Trusts Act 2019.

“It needs to be established correctly, for the right reasons and managed well.”

Not sure if you still need that trust that you set up in 2008? Don’t panic! Chances are you don’t need one but that will depend on your circumstances and the trust itself (which is a classic lawyer answer). If you do have a trust you need to familiarise yourself with the obligations that the new Trusts Act will impose on trustees. Often these will require a substantial change from how a trust has been managed previously.

We recommend that everyone who has a family trust comes in to do a review before January 2021 so that we can review their trust and their circumstances. We are finding that for some clients it makes sense to wind up their trust. Others just need to consider fine-tuning their trust deed so it reflects the new legislation.

Unsure whether you even need a trust? We’re happy to talk it through with you and give you our expert opinion, based on your circumstances.


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