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Property conveyancing

Experts in property law and conveyancing

Are you buying, selling, refinancing, or making changes to your property? We’d love to help! Our experienced lawyers offer an extensive range of property services, including residential and commercial property conveyancing. 

Buying property is a big investment – it’s often the biggest purchase of your life! You want to be sure that every box is ticked. Whether you are buying or selling a property, our team will provide you with the right advice and conduct your transfer with care and accuracy. Worried about all the legal jargon involved in the process? Don’t worry: we’ll help you understand what’s involved and communicate with you throughout the process.

“We can help with buying, selling or general property law.”

We sometimes get asked: “What do you do differently from the online conveyancing options?” Good question! Online conveyancing firms offer a different service, so be aware that you’re not comparing apples with apples. With us, you’ll get an all-inclusive quote and then our experienced lawyers will work through the entire process for you, taking a very personalised approach. With online options, it pays to check whether they will charge you extra each time you ask a question or want them to look at something else in the same transaction. You’ll also want to ask if it’s a newly qualified lawyer or assistant working on your case, or someone with a ton of experience and practical knowledge…


Conveyancing is the term used to describe all the legal work required to transfer real estate from one person or entity to another. This includes:

  • Buying & selling residential houses, units, townhouses, sections, apartments… (you get the drift)
  • Buying and selling commercial properties
  • Refinancing (which is legal speak for changing banks)
  • First home buyer subsidies & KiwiSaver withdrawals
  • Purchasing an Occupation Licence to live in a retirement village and/or surrendering an occupation licence

Land & Building

We also deal with various other property development matters such as:

  • Subdividing a section (whether into 2 lots or 50)
  • Cross leases (including updating your flats plan if you or your neighbour have done alterations)
  • Assisting with interpretation and or drafting and registering rights of way & other easements
  • Reviewing and preparing residential building contracts
  • Purchasing an apartment or townhouse “off the plans”


Subdividing property is a different process from buying or selling a house, bringing its own set of unique challenges. Our team has plenty of experience in completing the required legal aspects of subdivisions of all sizes, from smaller sections through to major property developments. We know the ins and outs of the subdivision process, including local rules and the resource management issues and environmental concerns that can affect a subdivision.


We’d love to help with your property matters.

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