PPPR Applications

PPPR Applications

What can i do if a family member can’t make decisions for themself any longer?

It can be very distressing when a family member, spouse or partner becomes mentally incapacitated through illness or injury.

What happens next if they have no enduring power of attorney in place?

If that person does not have enduring powers of attorney in place then an application under the Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988 to the Family Court for a welfare guardian and an order to manage the person’s property is often needed.

This can be a lengthy and confusing process which can be difficult for family members who are already under stress.

“We have a compassionate and experienced team who can assist.”

At Shanahan’s Law we have a compassionate and experienced team who can assist with identifying the appropriate applications to be made and then with making these applications on your behalf. We do this with understanding and empathy, as we know from experience it can be a trying time.

To find out what the process involves, contact us for a confidential, no obligation and no charge discussion about the process and timeframes.


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