Enduring Power of Attorney

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Why do I need an Enduring Power of Attorney?

Accidents and serious illness can happen to anyone. We hope it’s not the case, but if you are hospitalised or incapacitated for an extended period, you’ll want to make sure the right person is making decisions on your behalf. 

Putting in place Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA) allows a person nominated by you to take care of your personal and financial matters if you are no longer able to. This nominated person (called your attorney) will have the power to act for you and make decisions. Your attorney (who is normally a close family member – not a lawyer) should be someone you know who will make the right decisions for you, personally, professionally, and financially.

“Someone to make the big calls on your behalf.”

Life can be uncertain; you never know what’s around the next bend. To be prepared for any eventuality, we recommend you be proactive and get an EPA set up as soon as possible for peace of mind for you and your family.


Be proactive & get your EPA set up.

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